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Booster Rules

Hey Boosters! We’re looking for quality boosters who can come onto our team and complete orders properly.

There are basic rules, no offsite chatting, no scripts, etc. We know you know what is wrong to do – so don’t do it.

If you accept a boost, you’ve got to be able to complete it. If you fall below the original rank we will apply a negative credit to your account if you abandon the order. You’ll always have the option to finish the boost, but at the customer’s essay co uk request only.

Please don’t flame or trash talk in any games.

Be cool to customer – offer tips, coach them,
etc. You can receive bonuses, and we ask all of our customers for reviews.
The more positive reviews you have the more boosts you’ll receive.

When a new order comes in you’ll be contacted via our boosting discord and be asked to initiate chat with the customer.

When you start a boosting order we ask that you be available for at least 3 games with the customer.

When you are logging off please write a courtesy notice to the customer via the dashboard chat. Let them know when they can expect you back. Especially for duo orders.